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The Tiger's Tail

The Tigers Tail

John Boorman's � The Tiger's Tail � is the story of Liam O'Leary (Brendan Gleeson), an Irish property developer of humble origins who has become wealthy and powerful on the back of the "Celtic Tiger", Ireland 's recent economic boom. His ambition to build a national stadium is being thwarted by a rival developer and Liam finds himself struggling in a recession-hit market. Under pressure and over-stretched, he seems on the verge of a nervous breakdown when, to his horror, he sees his double.

As Liam searches for answers, his wife, Jane (Kim Cattrall), and son Connor (Brian Gleeson), anxious about his strange behaviour, believe his claim to have seen his double is an hallucination. Only his sister Oona (Sinead Cusack) and childhood friend Andy (Ciaran Hinds), a priest, believe him. 

When Liam eventually confronts his double, a shocking truth about his past is revealed to him, a truth that shakes his self-belief leading him and others to doubt his own identity.


  • Won IFTA Award, Best Music in Film
  • Won IFTA Award, Best Cinematography

Brendan Gleeson and Kim Cattrall in �The Tiger's Tail�.

Kim Cattrall, Brendan Gleeson and Brian Gleeson in a scene from �The Tiger's Tail

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